Profitable trade set-ups from StockTwits leading traders

StockTwits has emerged as the leading stock market social networking site, providing traders and investors with a vehicle to exchange ideas and receive real-time market insights. StockTwits is a “farm club” for talent, the American Idol of Finance.

One of the biggest secrets on Wall Street is that to become consistently profitable, you need to specialize in a distinct setup. A setup is a combination of factors that need to align in time and space in order to produce a buy or sell signal.

In The Stocktwits Edge, both well-known professional traders and lesser-known individual traders, describe their highest probability setups. Throughout the book, you will get acquainted with various market methods in terms of time frame and asset class. There is something for everyone. Some of the best traders on Stocktwits guide you through how they find profitable ideas on a daily basis and how they manage risk. They not only explain which factors are important, but also why they are important.

While there are many factors involved in successful trading and investing, the ability to identify profitable situations is paramount. This book will help you achieve that goal.

Howard Lindzon has tapped into a unique talent pool: He has “crowd-sourced” the task of figuring out who the up and coming traders and fund managers are via social media. Unearthing the next Stevie Cohen via social leverage is a fascinating concept. Kudos to Lindzon for figuring this out long before most of Wall Street even knew what the hell Twitter was.

Barry Ritholtz
President of Fusion IQ

The perfect book for traders, whether new or existing: It is fast, fun, and smart, with something for anyone who wants to understand how their trading peers can help them secure their financial future.

Paul Kedrosky
Entrepreneur and Editor of Infectious Greed

I affectionately regard my friend Howard Lindzon as the Larry King of social media. He and his talented team at StockTwits created an online Grand Central Station for active traders. The StockTwits Edge showcases some of the many talented traders you’ll find on the “stream” daily. For those interested in learning a variety of ideas on how to trade stocks, The StockTwits Edge is a great resource.

Mark Minervini
Stock Market Wizard; 1997 U.S. Investing Champion

StockTwits is a truly unique community where thoughts, opinions and ideas on economics, finance and trading are shared, debated and sometimes even agreed upon. Its users are passionate about their involvement and this real-time conversation is built on the simple idea that markets are a social eco-system – an ever-changing wealth of information. The StockTwits Edge exemplifies this collective passion and breadth of knowledge.

Allan Schoenberg
Director, Corporate Communications
CME Group

I wake up, I have coffee, I exercise, I read, I write, I go on Stocktwits to get stock ideas, I then make money with them. I eat. I sleep. Repeat.

James Altucher